Due to positive naked-eye Hilal sighting reports on Friday, May 26th, 2017G (positive reports from multiple locations in eastern United States), HSCNA announces the start of the Blessed Month of Ramadan 1438H from Saturday, May 27th, 2017G in North America

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Annoucement of Hilal for Dhul-Hijjah/Eid-ul-Adha 1434H Print E-mail
Written by hilaladmin   
Saturday, 05 October 2013 00:00

Bismillaah Walhamdulillaah WasSalaatu WasSalaam Ala Rasulillaah.

AsSalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Due to no positive naked-eye Hilal sighting on (29th Dhul-Qadah 1434H - October 5th 2013G) in Mainland USA, HSCNA announces completion of 30 days of Dhul-Qadah and start of Dhul-Hijja 1434H from Monday October 7th, 2013G in North America.

EID-UL-ADHA will Insha' Allah be on Wednesday October 16th, 2013G.

Eid Mubarak. Taqaballah Minna Wa Minkum. ?? ??? ? ???? ????

Jazakum Allaahu Khayran, WasSalaam,

Hilal Sighting Committee of North America


Ummul Qura Calendar Change Petition - Please support us!!


Respected Scholars, Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Assalamu Alaykum wa-Rahmatullahi wa-Barakatuh.

It is really unfortunate that we are divided once again with the moon sighting news from Riyadh being a day early compared to other nearby countries (such as Oman, South Africa, Morocco etc). Also, if the Hilal is truely seen in Saudi Arabia, after 8-11 hours when the Sun sets in North America, Hilal should be bigger and more clearly visible (if the sky is clear), but we fail to see it, pointing to error in the decision from Riyadh.

This error from Saudi Arabia is also encouraged by the UmmUlQura Calendar which is based on Sunset after Moonset (even by 1 second), which does not guarantee the visibility of Hilal. Muslims in UK have started a petition to update the UmmUlQura Calendar to reflect models for Hilal Visibility. Please sign this petition insha'Allaah at the website link below.


Please also promote this petition by forwarding it to your friends.

Our petition aims to persuade the Riyadh Authorities insha-Allah to bring their Ummul Qura Calendar in line with internationally recognized data on the science of moon sighting and crescent visibility predictions.

Remember: "Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change their own conditions (by themselves)." [Quran 13: 11]


If you need more guidance or wish to read our petition in other languages (e.g. Arabic, Urdu), please visit:



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