Due to positive naked-eye Hilal sighting reports on Friday, May 26th, 2017G (positive reports from multiple locations in eastern United States), HSCNA announces the start of the Blessed Month of Ramadan 1438H from Saturday, May 27th, 2017G in North America

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Eid on Thursday, Nov 3, 2005 means Print E-mail
Written by nazeer   
Sunday, 09 September 2007 14:11

Eid on Thursday, Nov 3, 2005 means
you MISSED the last day of Ramadan

By Mawlana Dr. Mohammad G. Nadvi

Would you like to miss the last day of Ramadan?

By celebrating Eid on Thursday, Nov.3, 2005 you did indeed miss the last day of Ramadan. Shawwal moon WAS NOT SEEN in N. America anywhere on Wednesday, November 2. All experts are unanimous on it.

Some Muslims might say that not only ISNA, but ICNA, Shariah Council, and other groups also declared Eid al-Fitr on Thursday.

Some Muslims might say: I have already fasted 30 days by Wednesday, Nov. 2. Why should I fast 31 days? When the moon was not seen in Medina, Ibn Abbas (RA) asked Kuraib to fast 31 days, as only moon-sighting determines the end of Ramadan (Blugh-ul-Maraam).


ISNA Fiqh Council itself had earlier agreed that naked-eye sighting in N. America was IMPOSSIBLE.

Only Salamah surmised (without any supporting observational data) that a moon could be seen in southern US states. For him, it was an opportunity to prove his wild guess.

For Durrani, every claim, however spurious, is credible for decades. One wonders on what grounds he rejected Oct. 3 (for Ramadan), Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2005 claims of Shawwal moon-sighting but accepted the Phoenix claim?

ISNA Muftis must now explain which Fiqh principles they used to accept only one witness (the second and the third in Phoenix cannot be counted as the real witnesses). All Fuqaha specify Ghalabat-al-Yaqeen rule for ending fasting month. Some might require only two, but the majority requires a larger number, 50-500 from a town to abandon fasting after 29th day of Ramadan. How could ISNA FC justify that only one witness from a whole continent was enough?

Phoenix observer later “corrected” his written statement: He said the Hilal was visible to him till 5:51 pm (and not 5:41). It makes his claim more doubtful. If he could see it for nine minutes then how could his large group, including the Imam, not see it?

Obviously, ISNA Fiqh Council and its consultants proved again that they are INCOMPETENT for determining the Ramadan and Eidain dates and not credible. They also bear the responsibility of all those MUSLIMS who DID NOT FAST ON THE LAST DAY OF RAMADAN as a consequence of their faulty decision.

It is amazing how ISNA consultants found NO fault with this account.

1. Why did everybody in the "large" group NOT SEE what only one could see?

2. How a 29-day-Hilal could be visible within 4 minutes of the sunset?

3. Why was it visible only for “a few seconds”?

4. Why was the Hilal upside down - extended from 7 to 2 on a clock?

5. Why did the second witness not provide details to corroborate the claim?

6. Why did the third person (Imam) abandon his claim of sighting?

7. Why nobody from Phoenix to Pacific coast could see this moon again?

From his description of the observed object as “illusive” the witness appeared himself doubtful. The unfortunate tragedy lies with the two experts who accepted it. Note that there was no second witness’s statement in support of this faulty evidence.

ISNA experts have to answer all these questions with solid observational data to back their recommendation.

CHICAGO Hilal Committee FIASCO

Chicago Hilal Committee added to the chaos created by ISNA. Earlier in the evening they had rejecting three witnesses. The two witnesses appeared before the Ulema committee and affirmed that they saw a crescent moon fifteen minutes AFTER the sunset for another 5-6 minutes. They accepted the two witnesses as “credible”.

In Chicago, the moon had set eight minutes after the sunset. How could anyone see its crescent 15-20 minutes later when there was no moon above the horizon to see?

The faulty reasoning of the Chicago Hilal Committee was that the “witnesses are known persons, and are “Adil”. Therefore, the Committee should ignore the calculations and go for the Islamic requirement of “Adil”, Muslim witnesses.

How Islamic is their acceptance of grossly wrong testimony?

Chicago Committee’s decision opened the floodgates. Masaajid and Islamic centers that for years insisted on a credible sighting, changed to Thursday Eid by mid-night.

ICNA shares the blame equally for the blunder. It used to be cautious and often differed from ISNA. ICNA representative in National Shura Council voted “No”, along with the Warith Deen group. However, later ICNA Executive overruled and fell for the “unity” argument.

Muslims Should Fast for the Missed Day of Ramadan

ISNA, ICNA, Chicago Hilal Committee, Jamiatul Ulema, Shariah Board, etc. all were misled by faulty moon-sighting claims and declare Eid al-Fitr on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005 - the last day of Ramadan. How was it possible that only one person in Phoenix and three in Chicago could see a moon that was NOT SEEN from the East coast to West coast of N. America anywhere else?

Muslims who celebrated Eid on Nov. 3 (THURSDAY) SHOULD MAKE UP AT LEAST ONE DAY as a KAFFARAH for the MISSED day of Ramadan, and ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

Hilal Sighting

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